Saravanan Meenatchi A Tamil Romantic Soap Opera


Saravanan Meenatchi A Tamil Romantic drama which airs from 2011 got many awards for its story line and plot. The show almost completed two full seasons with more 1000th episodes covered but still the show is favorite of many viewers.


The show even got many awards & recognition for it’s story line & actors performances such as ‘Best Serial’, ‘Best Male Actor’, ‘Best Female Actor’, ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Character Actor’ at the 43rd annual awards function Mylapore Academy.

Season two was also awarded ‘Best Male Actor’ to Kavin ‘Best Female Actor’ to Rachitha ‘Best Comedian’ to Nandhini ‘Best Director’ to praveen Bennett’ and ‘Best Serial’ at Vijay Television Awards 2015.

The plot of the show is about the two protagonists Saravanan and Meenatchi who are two different individuals from two different worlds. Saravanan , a city based RJ with a well educated cultured family and Meenatchi a small town girl who is working as teacher in near by school in a village. Both families meet up for their arrange marriage but due to some inequalities , the didn’t happen. But the twist is Saravanan & Meenatchi fall in love and wanted to marry , the season 1 completed with happily ever after story of their marriage.

In Season 2 their son Shakti Saravanan comes to India from Canada to search for perfect bride for him like her mother and there after the story continues of love, hatred, betrayal etc.

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