Kabali Movie Leaked Online



Just 3 days before the re lease of Kabali movie, there are various download links in the internet of the movie. The makers are trying hard to get the pirated links removed from the internet.

Kabali is the much awaited upcoming movie of thalaivar Rajnikant after so many years. And fans are really eager to watch the movie. The movie set to be release on 22nd july.

Makers have requested the ardent fans of the superstar to not to encourage the pirated videos. They have also censored the movie in Chennai.

Fans are getting crazy about the movie release proof: the film will release in 400 screens in US and all the tickets got sold out within 2 hours.There are even flights from Bangalore to Chennai for the movie viewers,wow.

Rajnikant had huge fan following in Japan also , an actor with a global persona. The plot of the story is about a don who fights for the Tamils in Malaysia. As i have earlier said the movie is also going to be released in Malay and Hindi.

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