All For Amma: Tamilnadu Prays for Jayalalithaa

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From one month the Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa have been admitted to hospital. Since than there have been enormous news, rumors about her recovery, her health state.

But recently the news came out that she has been responding well and soon will be in front of the public. To pray for her well being , over 3000 members of the ruling AIADMK joined a yagna in Chennai last day. 200+ priests presided over the puja. Lawmaker R Vetrivel, a amma loyalist organized 108 maha mrityunjaya yagna for her speedy recovery.

Barrels of ghee and firewood, fruits, flowers and almonds were used as fuel for the ritual pyre. The majority people were women supporters of amma, they were all gifted saris.

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